Thursday, March 6, 2008

Omniture Summit Thoughts

I was able to attend the Omniture Summit Key-note address on 3/5/08. This was a very interesting meeting because of my technical perspective on life. Many of the people who are using Omniture tools are marketers. Being a techie, I found it interesting the way marketers use Omniture's tools as compared to the way that I use their tools.

The keynote address had two main speakers and both of them tended to direct their speaches to the marketers in the audience. Each of them did was mention the importance of IT in establishing Omniture's tools on their websites, however the main focus was on how to make good use of these new marketing tools.

One of the speakers mentioned how marketing has changed from the emails and surveys, to analyzing the subtle movement of potential customers on web sites.

Another speaker showed a few videos to highlight how the perspective of the audience in the room did not necessarily reflect that of America. This was a really interesting point because it highlighted that often times we are so specialized that when we get a different perspective it throws us off.

As a technical person, I often see technology in one way and have a hard time seeing it from the other person's point of view. Seeing this myopia helped me realized that more often then not when a group of people from the same field get together the focus will be naturally narrower than a diverse group.

Overall I found this kick-off meeting interesting mainly because it introduced a whole different perspective on web analytics that I have never understood before. Yet seeing this diversity really opened my eyes to the potential of web analytics in many different fields.

On a personal note, I think the lunch that was provided after the kick-off meeting was spectacular. Steak and salmon, honestly how much better can it get! The lunch was definitely a perk to the time slot we chose when attending the summit!

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